Fitness Equipment: Jump rope – A Fun Way to Look and Perform Better!

A jump rope isn’t just a toy for the playground anymore. Instead, it is a great piece of equipment for a full-body workout. A jump rope easily tones your arms, legs and core, and it is a powerful tool for some high-intensity cardio.

It is important to realize that a jump rope is not only beneficial for cardio workouts, though. It can also drastically increase balance, and it quickly boosts coordination, leaving you more agile than ever. Jump ropes fast-twitch muscle fibers in adapting to become more reactive and explosive. Beyond just that, a jump rope helps strengthen your bones and allows joints to stay strong and elastic.

Fun ways to tone up with a jumping rope

You probably know most of the classic jump rope exercises, such as two-foot jumping or skipping rope (one foot lands while the other launches), but did you ever think of what else you can do with a jump rope? Other important exercises include backward jumping, side jumping, single leg jumps and high knee jumps. These exercises will engage even more muscle groups throughout the body and (literally) keep you on your toes.

A jump rope can be used for a stand-alone workout, but it is also easy to integrate it into a circuit workout. By combining intervals of body-weight resistance training with jumping rope, you are able to achieve strength training and a cardio workout in a single session. It can also be used in combination with other equipment, such as resistance bands or exercise balls to add even more variety.

Jumping rope is a fierce calorie burner, and it is lower-impact than running. At the beginning, you will need to get used to the rhythm of the rope and practice your jumping. Start off by doing just a minute as a time, but work toward longer and faster repetitions as you grow more comfortable. Soon enough, it will be as easy as jumping double-dutch in the schoolyard.

As with all workout equipment, safety is key to performance. When jumping, you should keep your knees at a slight bend with the rope at hip height. Make sure to keep your torso upright. Stand with good posture, including the chest forward and shoulders back.

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Whether you are new to the idea of working out with a jump rope or you are a tried-and-true believer, there is no doubt that a jump rope can help increase your performance in ways that you may not have imagined. Why wait any longer? You may as well just jump in!



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