DynaPro Precision Mini Exercise Bands Only at $9.99


DynaPro launched Precision Loop Exercise Bands used to increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body. It includes:

  • 4 different color-coded resistance levels:
    1. Light (2-4 lbs)
    2. Medium (4-6 lbs)
    3. Heavy (10-12 lbs)
    4. X-Heavy (15-20 lbs)
  • A drawstring storage pouch for easy carrying.
  • 100% 1-Year Money Back Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

It provides Versatility that accommodates Beginners and Experts alike. These mini bands are ideal for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation, and shoulder stabilization.

Eco-friendly and durable bands are made up of 100% natural rubber. It is flexible enough to move in different directions, so you can use them to both strengthen and stretch your muscles. You can perform horizontal chest press, biceps curls and overhead triceps extensions safely on your own, anytime and anywhere.

Compact and Portable mini bands are easy to carry in your briefcase or luggage. You can use them in your home gym, at office and as you travel. These Multipurpose Mini Bands are available only at $9.99.


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