Exercise Ball T-Raises – Good Warmup and Toning Workout

Exercise ball t-raise exercise for shoulder strength and stability

DynaPro Direct provides you a complete step-by-step process and video guide on how to perform t-raises with an exercise ball. It is an effective workout to increase your shoulder strength and stability. These step by step instructions will help you execute the movement properly. It is also a great workout for toning and warming up your upper back. Incorporate this exercise into your workout routine today and increase flexibility throughout the shoulder.

  1. Get down on Exercise Ball with your back flat and chest off the ball. Keep your feet on the ground and let your arms hang down straight aside the ball (as shown in the video)
  2. Now, raise your arms slowly upwards; perpendicular to the side of your body to make a “T” shape with your body. Hold your arms in this position for a while
  3. Release your hand to get back to the starting position and complete the movement. You can make it more challenging by raising your arm a bit more upwards until you feel a tension
  4. Repeat as per recommendation

Get related exercises and variations here: goo.gl/kKg6sd

Source: https://www.dynaprodirect.com/workout-view/exercise-ball-t-raise/


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