10 Hacks to Make Holiday Eating Healthier On Thanksgiving

10 healthy thanksgiving hacks for you to stay on trackOn a holiday morning, your first thought probably isn’t to pull out your resistance bands and get ready for a workout. When you start thinking ahead to dinner, you may want to consider what workout you can fit in your day, and how it will make your festive meal even better. Yes, just because you’re not thinking about fitness on a day of celebration, you probably won’t be able to stop remembering your indulgence the next day. This year, let yourself off the hook. Indulge with these tips in mind to enjoy your holiday to the fullest:

  1. Forget the fast.

    We know the usual plan, skip big meals throughout the day so that you’re really hungry for dinner. Stop right there! Not only does skipping meals make you less hungry, it’s a bad habit for both your mind and body to learn this habit. Small meals throughout the day will keep you on a regular schedule, and prepare you for a full dinner.

  2. Drink water throughout the day.

    Dehydration often shows itself with a lack of hunger. You know the feeling, when you haven’t eaten much all day and can’t understand why you’re not hungry. Prepare for a holiday meal by staying hydrated throughout the day, and you’ll avoid snacking before your favorite meal.

  3. Pro grade resistance bands for you to stay healthy on ThanksgivingWork Out.

    Don’t assume because it’s a holiday there isn’t enough time for a workout. Grab a few resistance bands and an exercise ball and create a 20-minute circuit you can do right at home. Perform squats, bicep curls, rows, and shoulder lifts with resistance bands, and make time for an ab workout with your exercise ball. A workout this simple can be done while you’re watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! A morning workout will get you ready and energized for those long family holidays, and remind you to stay motivated about your goals. You’ll even be more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day.

  4. Plate setup.

    Yes, we have a strategy to our plate servings. Start out with the protein and veggies you’re going to eat. After you’ve filled up on nutrient-dense foods, serve yourself carbohydrates like stuffing, mashed potatoes, or even a biscuit. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods, without becoming stuffed on carbs alone.

  5. Bring an appetizer.

    Bring a cheese and crackers alternative by offering to bring an appetizer you won’t feel as guilty about. Try homemade hummus or a veggie platter with yogurt dressing. With more options to choose from, you’ll save yourself and other guests calories throughout Turkey day!

  6. Lend a helping hand.

    Want to avoid the appetizers altogether? Offer to help the hostess. Keeping busy will prevent you from casual snacking so you can save room for the main course. It will also keep you on your feet and moving throughout the day! You’ll see your Fitbit steps increasing rather than reminding you to move! You might not realize just how much work you’ll be doing moving around the pot filled with five pounds of potatoes.

  7. Become your own bartender.

    Play bartender for yourself to cut out unnecessary calories, if you’re not skipping out on alcohol altogether. Choose seltzer and create flavors with fresh fruits and spices. Not sure what will be available? Bring your own signature cocktail to share so you can avoid added sugars and sodas, while giving everyone something to enjoy. If you give the host control over your liquid intake, you might end up consuming way more calories than you would have liked to.

  8. Hold the toppings.

    Chances are you won’t skip dessert, and we don’t blame you. What you can do, though, is skip out on the extra whipped cream topping to your pie. Enjoy your favorite pie, and skip the additions as a small way to cut out heavy calories to your day. Did you ever also consider what gravy is made from? The grease drippings from your turkey! If your gravy is homemade, you may want to especially enjoy it in moderation to avoid an added serving of fat to your day.

  9. Stay committed to your fitness routine with effective resistance band workoutsPlan ahead.

    Guilt is a common feeling after the holidays as we indulge more than usual. Plan and schedule your next day’s workout ahead of time, whether it is hitting the gym or an at home resistance band workout. Knowing you already have a plan of action will help you stay committed to it and avoid those unhealthy guilty feelings associated with food.

  10. Enjoy!

    Yes, indulge and enjoy it! Holidays come once a year — if you have a slice of pie, take your time and slowly enjoy it rather than trying to see how much you can eat. (Think quality over quantity.) Eating slower will not only help you eat less, but will allow you to enjoy what you’re eating. By enjoying your favorite holiday treats in moderation you can create healthy eating habits.

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10 Ways to Get Out of a Sedentary Slump

10 simple ways to beat a sedentary lifestyleDon’t want to move? Pump up your enthusiasm and get your head back in the game! Here’s how.

One of the biggest mood-killers is knowing you want to feel and look healthier, yet you just can’t muster up the motivation to get to work. Falling into a sedentary slump is normal, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed if it happens to you. Between vacations, holidays, stressful days at work, busy weekends with the family, and lack of sleep, it’s so easy to get off track — and sometimes, it feels impossible to get back on track.

The scary thing is the more active you are, the harder it is to get out of a sedentary slump since your change in lifestyle feels more significant. If you’re super health-conscious, you’ll notice the change in energy levels, weight gain, discomfort, and overall lack of confidence and enthusiasm right away. Sounds pretty awful, right? It is! But as awful as it is, it’s normal — it also makes for the perfect motivation to double-check that priority list of yours.

It’s time to ditch the chips, get off the sofa, and stop feeling sorry for yourself! Here’s how to pull yourself out of it:

  • Focus on self-care:

    There is so much more to physical fitness than the physical body. When we make our physical bodies healthier, in turn, we make our minds and emotions healthier too. When there’s a sudden decrease in care for the physical body, the mind takes a big blow. Understand that it’s just part of self-care to carve out time for personal fitness, even if there’s a lot going on around you. You’ll be better able to handle the circumstances and responsibilities in your life, and work through things with a clearer mentality if you’re able to continue a steady workout routine. Consider it self-care, and make time for fitness and health just like you make time for brushing your teeth and eating dinner

  • Don’t feel like a failure:

    It’s so easy to get down about falling into a slump, but there’s no sense in feeling like a failure. Keep in mind, if you fell into a slump, your body and mind might be communicating to you that it’s exhausted and under too much stress. When this happens, physical activity seems to be one of the first things to go, but it should really be the last thing to go. You are not a failure for resting your body. And while you’re out of the gym and off the track, you better start loving yourself instead of repeating negative mantras that will only hold you back and keep you down

  • Remember your success:

    Remember that time you were able to hit a new weightlifting goal? Or when you noticed your body’s flexibility steadily increasing? Remember that time you meal-prepped healthy dinners that would impress any top chef or personal trainer? Yeah — that was all you! It’s in you, and it’s in your bones to succeed. Remember that you are totally capable, and you have all of the power in the world to shift your life in any way you want to. And if you’re feeling down and out about getting into a sedentary slump, consider shifting your power to change that. Go put that cape on!

  • Get to the grocery store:

    Make sure your cabinets are filled with things that remind you of your health. Don’t let the refrigerator be empty, or the pantry be home to addicting, processed stuff that your body would do better without. Go to the grocery store and stock up on your favorite produce, lean meats, grains, and whatever else it is that fuels you up and gives you the nutrition and power to get through the motions of an active day. Set yourself up for success, and do what you can to prevent any caving into unhealthy cravings that will only make you feel more lethargic

  • Sleep in:

    It sounds counterproductive, but making a point to sleep in when you’re feeling like you’re in a sedentary slump is crucial to coming out of it with a healthy mindset. By sleeping in, you’re acknowledging that you don’t feel ashamed or guilty about getting a little off track. Plus, circling back to self-care, your body might really need the extra snooze time. Remind yourself of what it’s like to get a full night of sleep, and bring this sentiment with you when you start picking things back up again

  • Strength-train at home:

    If you’re dreading getting to the gym, keep some fitness equipment in your home that you won’t get intimidated by. Try storing your resistance bands, mini precision loop bands, exercise ball, and jump rope in spaces in your home where you have downtime. Keep this kind of equipment in your bedroom, lurking around in the family room, or even start using your exercise ball as an office chair. By seeing workout tools and equipment that are fun and easy to use, you’ll feel more inclined to pick them up. Even a five-minute session with your resistance bands will make you feel so much better.

  • Remember the value in perseverance:

    Don’t you dare act like this is the first time you’ve fallen into a slump! (Okay, maybe it is…) But remember that there have been other situations when life or the circumstances in your life could have held you back. Remember the value in pushing through those times and not giving up when challenges show up at your doorstep

  • Keep a positive attitude:

    Catching a bad attitude is one of the worst side effects of decreasing physical activity. Do everything you can to avoid a negative mentality, so you can spare yourself and others in your life the pessimistic talk. No one wants to make the cloud over their head darker and more black, so why would you do that to yourself or your family and coworkers? Keep the attitude high and it will be much easier to come out of that slump

  • Decrease the stress in your life:

    You may have fallen into a slump because of other stresses in your life that have nothing to do with your physical activity level. Think about what you can do to decrease the overall levels of stress in your life, and do whatever you can to prevent future stressful situations. It’s as easy as pulling out a notepad, and breaking down the different areas of stress in your life. Then, flesh out feasible goals to ease those stressors

  • Continue building endurance:

    Even if you’ve fallen into a sedentary slump, you want to focus on keeping your heart pumping, at least every now and then. You’ve worked so hard to get your mile down by a minute, so don’t lose all of that because you’re going through a phase where you don’t even feel like tying your sneaks. Keep a jump rope at home, so you can continue to build cardio confidence, even if you don’t feel like doing the entire routine you know you’re capable of.

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Source: https://www.dynaprodirect.com/beat-sedentary-lifestyle-how-to/

Top Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to your Fitness Routine

Benefits of resistance band training

No matter what fitness level you are at, you can always jump up to the next level with the help of resistance bands. These workout bands can give you the benefits of strength training without the use of free weights and heavy weight machines.

Unlike other popular gym gears, these exercise bands are inexpensive and provide a budget-friendly way to add something new to your workout routine. The adjustable attachment in these exercise bands will give you the ability to create any band length that you desire. Using resistance band is one of the effective methods to increase your bone and core strength. It is a great option for on-the-go workouts.

So, for anyone who is hoping to improve their flexibility and looking for best resistance bands on the market, you can always opt for DynaPro Direct’s pro grade resistance bands. Exercise with these resistance bands will not only boost your workout intensity, tone deep muscles of your core but will also help you reach your fitness goals. These adjustable resistance bands will allow you to perform a wider variety of exercises than a standard length resistance band.

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10 Reasons You Need to Keep Health in Mind on Vacation

10 ways to stay active and fit while on vacationYou’re traveling and enjoying life — it’s the perfect time to boost your energy levels and feel good by focusing on your health! Here’s how.

Taking some vacation time will inspire you to recenter yourself, forget about stresses that occur on the day-to-day, and most of all, enjoy life! Whether you’re taking a trip with the family, or booking a flight on your own, it’s a good idea to focus on your health while you’re away. The best part? Focusing on your health during vacation time can actually amp up your motivation to focus on your overall health when you get back from your trip. Keep these healthy travel tips in mind before your next trip:

  1. Consider It Self-Care

    One of the worst things you can do is have the mentality that taking care of your health is a burden. In daily life, you might not always feel like you have the energy levels to man a full workout after a long day, or the self control to choose the salad over the pasta dish when you have a craving. It happens to all of us! Just remember, thinking about your mentality while away on vacation can really help. Think of exercising and eating right as luxuries, and make a conscious decision to choose getting active and opting for health whenever you get the chance to while away. When you associate luxury with self-care and health, you’ll be more likely to make time for yourself (and want to!) when you get back home from your trip.

  2. Embrace Meditation

    If you’re traveling somewhere serene, by the beach, in the mountains, or just about anywhere with a space that you can be one with yourself, take a few minutes each day to meditate. Meditation will completely reset your mind on vacation. It’s a great tool to slow your trip down and keep your mind in the right place to make the most out of each day. If eating healthy and making time for exercise is important to you on your trip, then affirm to yourself that you will prioritize those things during your mediation.

  3. Combine Exercise With Sight-Seeing

    This works especially well if you’re on your own, but it can totally happen if you’re traveling with a family, too. If you’re on a business trip, for example, in a city you’ve never seen before, pull up a map and plot out some of the city’s well-known sights and attractions. There’s your morning run! It’s easy to embark on a family adventure run too, but just be prepared to make frequent stops when different landmarks catch interest.

  4. Take an Active Trip

    You don’t need to be an expert rock climber, hiker, or skier to book an active vacation. There are plenty of family-friendly trips to book that will keep your tribe moving around in fresh air the entire time! Focus on areas known for their beautiful landscapes or beaches, and look to National Parks if you need some inspiration. If you’re going abroad, stay off of a cruise ship and consider venturing to a country where you know there will be lots of walking and sight-seeing.

  5. Bring Healthy Snacks

    Depending on where you go, and for how long, you can (and should!) prepare some healthy snacks to bring along. Healthy snacks can make or break your eating habits while away. From curbing hunger between meals, to keeping energy levels up, it’s important to keep snacks close that the entire family will enjoy. This will help you steer clear of caving in and buying processed, junky foods when on-the-go.

  6. Think Smart When Eating Out

    Make sure your meals aren’t spaced out too much while on vacation. As relaxing and enjoyable as vacations are, it’s likely that you and your family members will be expending a bit more energy than usual, so it’s important to pay attention to everyone’s different hunger cues. (Healthy snacking can stave off bad moods, by the way!) Study the menu and consider the different methods of cooking (baked vs. fried) and sauces (simple ingredients vs. bold and creamy) and try to go for options that come with fruits and veggies. Though you might be tempted to indulge on vacation, remember that overeating can drag you down and the last thing you want is to feel lethargic when there’s so much to take in.

  7. Moderate Alcohol Consumption

    Of course you should go for that glass of wine and feel zero guilt for sipping on a tropical drink poolside. But if you make indulging in alcoholic beverages a habit on your vacation, just remember that you can cut corners when it comes to calories. After your first frozen margarita (which can be around 700 calories) switch to a glass of wine or have a tequila soda.

  8. Bring the Right Equipment

    Make sure you bring some easy, portable exercise equipment along with you to make staying in shape on your trip easier. Deflate an exercise ball, pack it, and pump it up in your hotel room. Toss resistance (and mini resistance) bands into your carry-on, or bring a jump rope for diversifying your cardio routine while away. Working out while on vacation has never been easier, and all of our products are designed to go with you when you travel.

  9. Welcome New Healthy Habits

    While you’re away and experiencing a new area, find out the health secrets of the locals. This can range from anti-aging techniques to munching on the superfood of their city. Plus, see how the locals like to get their exercise in, and copy what they’re doing. You never know — you might pick up a few healthy habits that you’ll want to bring home with you.

  10. Don’t Depend on the Gym

    If your staying in a place that doesn’t include an exercise facility, that doesn’t mean staying healthy on your vacation is a wash — at all. Use your portable fitness equipment, strap on your sneakers, and get to work! While it’s certainly a luxury to work out in a new facility, it’s not a necessity, at all.

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Source: https://www.dynaprodirect.com/10-tips-for-healthy-vacations/

Healthy Benefits of Working Out with a Jump Rope

Top benefits of jumping rope

This post was originally published in November 2016, but is significantly expanded in December 2016 to include more-indepth information on how to use a Jump Rope and its benefits.

While most of the people join gyms in an effort to lose fat and get in shape. This isn’t always necessary. You can get an intense cardio workout within the comfort of your home. Wondering how??

By just using your jump rope! There are variety of ways to use a jump rope and results achieved through it won’t let you put it down.

  • Jumping rope can be used as a great means to lose weight. You don’t have to cut off calories out of your diet. Jumping rope for 30 mins will help you lose weight in the healthiest manner possible and will also improve the quality of your life
  • Super portable fitness gear. This piece of fitness equipment can go anywhere with you. You don’t have to commit to expensive gym membership to get yourself fit
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness: Incorporating this exercise equipment in your workout routine helps you build endurance and heart health
  • Improves coordination: Using jump rope in your daily workout routine helps you to improve your powers of coordination
  • Versatile fitness tool for boxers: Boxing requires many skills that jump rope can provide. Boxers like, Floyd Mayweather prefer a PVC cable as opposed to a wire cable for the weight, speed, and control benefits

Master the art of skipping rope like, Floyd Mayweather with DynaPro Direct pro grade jump ropes

So, if you want to improve your flexibility and looking for best jump ropes on the market, you can always opt for DynaPro Direct pro grade jump ropes with long aluminium handles and adjustable PVC speed cable. Workouts with these jump ropes will not only boost your workout intensity, burn unwanted calories, increase the blood flow, strengthen the internal organs, build strength, improve breathing efficiency.

These jump ropes come with 100% lifetime replacement guarantee. Available in blue, green and pink variants at unbeatable prices. Pick the jump rope of your choice at 43% discount.

These jump ropes will allow you to perform a variety of exercises and designed to help you build speed, quickness, footwork, endurance and confidence. Jumping rope is a great way to enjoy cardiovascular exercises. It contributes to hormonal balance, Improves the muscle tone in the legs, Eliminates toxins through sweat and relieves tension and stress to a great extent.

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DynaPro Direct Exercise Balls: Top Rated Fitness Balls on Amazon!

Amazon ranked DynaPro Direct exercise balls as one of the most popular fitness equipment among the customers

Amazon ranked DynaPro Direct anti-burst exercise balls as one of the most popular fitness equipment among the customers. These high quality pro grade workout balls have received over 861 top reviews and maintained a community of happy customers. These fitness balls have topped the charts in the areas of durability, variety of sizes and colors and other key factors.

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Woman Snags Medal and Fiancé at the NYC Marathon (Plus, How to Train for One)

Along with a medal, Charlotte Haigh scored herself a fiancé at the NYC MarathonCan you think of a better way she could have ended the race? Didn’t think so!

Charlotte Haigh took to the streets of New York City on Sunday to navigate (and apparently conquer!) the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. While it seems like luck was on this lady’s side — from getting selected to run in the marathon to having her man drop down on one knee — there was a lot of work that Haigh put in behind the scenes to have manifested such a monumental moment.

Haigh ran a total of 26.2 miles. To be clear, marathons are specifically 26.2 miles because that’s the exact distance between the Greek cities of Marathon and Athens. It is said that a Greek messenger named Pheidippides ran between the cities (from Marathon to Athens) after the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC to announce the Greeks had defeated the Persians in the battle.

Running 26.2 miles is no easy feat, and in fact, the ability to do so may not even come naturally for some of the most seasoned and notable runners. There’s a ton of training involved in prepping for a run of this measure, so check out some of the best ways to do it. As for experiencing a proposal at the finish line? That’s on you — but the determination, dedication (and bod!) it takes to complete a marathon won’t hurt!

  1. Set Weekly Mileage Goals:

    Before the start signal sounds on marathon day, you want to make sure your body is well adjusted to running for long periods of time. Rather than focusing on running for an extended amount of time on one day, think of the mileage collectively — over the course of a week — and start with setting feasible goals. Once you’ve reached your weekly mileage goal, up the ante a little bit. Then, strap on those sneakers and get to it! (You might need a new pair by now…)

  2. Balance Your Muscles:

    Keeping your body in constant motion means your cardiovascular system and muscles are working really, really hard. Runners get so focused on the cardio aspect of training, they often aren’t dedicating enough time to exercises that help stabilize and strengthen the muscles that support running. It’s crucial for a marathon runner to not neglect training with a focus on stretching, strengthening, and stabilizing three key areas: Glutes, Core, and the Hip Flexors. Snatch up a pair of resistance bands — they’re so portable, you can take them on your runs — and go to town when it comes to stabilizing and strengthening your muscles. The bands will make your workout session more efficient, so you can spend more time on cardio.

  3. Switch Up Your Cardio Routine:

    In training, you’ll be getting lots of cardio work in, so vary up your routine to give certain muscles and joints a break on the day-to-day. For a challenge, try a long swim or partake in an intense cardio fitness class. If you want to squeeze in some cardio in the office or at home, grab a jump rope and get to it!

  4. Stay Motivated:

    If you’ve set a goal for yourself to complete a marathon, that alone deserves a nod — so don’t let yourself get discouraged or overwhelmed now! All successful runners experience the bad days, and the only way they’ve ever gotten to the finish line is by persisting through the challenges. Your mentality will be your best friend when it comes to persisting and sticking to your running goals. Stay motivated by watching re-runs online of your favorite races, perusing the blogs of other marathon runners, and following runners on social media who share the same passion.

  5. Fuel Up:

    Your food and drink choices will have an enormous impact on your running results. Increase your carbs in the hours leading up to the big day, and layer in some protein to amp up your energy on marathon day, too. In nearing the date of your run, you might decide to go on a “practice” run. If that’s the case, eat and drink in the way you would on the actual date to see how your body responds. While you’re running, hydrate your body with electrolyte drinks and keep your carb level up. As for after the race? Eat whatever you want! As Haigh said, “Today I ran 26.2 miles. And got engaged to the love of my life. Now I get to go eat pizza and drink beer with my family and best NYC friends.”

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Source: https://www.dynaprodirect.com/5-tips-for-successful-marathon-run/