Best Ways To Use Your Power Bands During a Workout

Best power band exercises for a full body tone up

When you walk into your gym, you navigate through the endless cardio equipment, all of the machines, dumbbells and other free weights, and maybe in the corner you’ll see some stretchy bands by the yoga mats you’re not quite sure how to use. Even then, there are too many different sizes, shapes, and colors to figure out what to do with these contraptions.

They’re just big rubber bands, right? How hard can it be? Here’s some good news: They really are as simple to use as they look! You can pretty much use power bands for almost any exercise. Here are some of the best ways you can use your power bands during a workout!


Assisted Pull-Up

Assisted pull-up exercise with power bandAssisted pull-ups with power band

Single Arm Lat Pull-Down

Single arm lat pull-down with power bandPower band lat pull-down exercise


Banded Push-Ups

Band push ups to build chest strengthPower band push ups

Single Arm Chest Press

Single arm chest press with bandSingle arm chest press with band



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10 Reasons Power Bands Should Be Incorporated Into Your Fitness Routine

Tough and portable, power resistance bands can make an enormous difference in your workout routine.

10 benefits of incorporating power bands into your fitness routine

It’s no wonder why resistance bands are so popular: They’re portable, easy to use, affordable, and you don’t really need to learn a new skill set to use them effectively. Now, DynaPro Direct offers power resistance bands which are designed to take your strength-training sessions to the next level. The bands can be used for squats, push-ups, and various lower and upper body workouts. The bands can also be used in place of, or in conjunction with, weight-lifting equipment — that means you don’t need to depend on a spotter anymore! Phew!

DynaPro Direct power resistance bands are offered in five different levels of color-coded resistance: Red (5-30 lbs.), black (10-60 lbs.), purple (30-80 lbs.), green (50-125 lbs.), and blue (70-170 lbs.).

Check out 10 reasons why you should start using power resistance bands:

  1. Power resistance bands are easy to use:

    You won’t need to change up your entire workout routine and learn a new method of building muscle if you want to start using the bands. Simply incorporate the bands into the fitness plan you already follow, and you’ll get addicted to the added resistance.

  2. You can ditch your partner — or get one:

    Since the power bands add weighted resistance, you’ll still be able to execute an effective strength-training routine without needing to pump up with bulky weights that require a spotter. Even better? Resistance bands are fun to use with a partner.

  3. The bands are portable:

    There’s nothing like packing resistance bands in your suitcase for an epic vacation. When you’re away on a trip, you want to look and feel your best – and it’s never been easier to do that. You’ll love squeezing in a quick pump session before you hit the beach or get ready for that special party.

  4. Switching it up is a breeze:

    The bands come in all different colors and levels of resistance. Start slow and then switch up your resistance level as soon as you conquer that color band. It’s also best practice to work with different levels of resistance based on which workout moves you’re performing. Here are your options: Red (5-30 lbs.), black (10-60 lbs.), purple (30-80 lbs.), green (50-125 lbs.), and blue (70-170 lbs.).

  5. Your muscles will thank you:

    One of the best things about power resistance bands is they help stabilize different muscle groups. Heavy lifting and intense cardio sessions often lead to muscle imbalance. By incorporating bands, you’ll be doing your body a huge favor. It’s all about the balance, Baby!

  6. The bands are snap-resistant:

    DynaPro Direct bands are made with eco-friendly natural rubber that you can depend on. It’s important to use bands that are made from high quality material, because a break or snap during the middle of your fitness session is the last thing anyone pumping up ever wants.

  7. It’s a fun way to stretch:

    Don’t just use power resistance bands when you’re strength training! Use the bands as you’re stretching, too. You can use a band as a tool to challenge your flexibility and push your limits.

  8. At-home workouts will be more effective:

    It’s so easy to store resistance bands in the living room or the bedroom. Whether you wake up with the bands or use them to wind down after a stressful day, you’ll be thrilled to have them in arm’s reach.

  9. You can use them in the office:

    Resistance bands are the perfect tools to tuck away into your desk drawer. Wrap the band around your legs for a lower body workout as you’re working, or take a break from the computer and stretch out your arms.

  10. You’ll be set for life:

    DynaPro Direct power resistance bands come with a lifetime warranty. If the power resistance bands cease to perform as promised under normal use, you can return them for a full refund.


5 Killer Keys to Shedding Weight in 2017

5 best tips to lose weight in 2017 and keep it off for good

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh start to get your head in the game and change your life.

Do you feel burnt out and uninspired to keep working toward your fitness goals? You’re not alone! Leave your unhealthy habits and negative mentality in 2016 and turn it around in the new year. Live by these keys to shed weight, feel more energized, and gain a positive mindset in 2017. Plus, read on to learn tips from DynaPro Direct experts!

  1. Amp Up Your Cardio:

    In the new year, you’ll want to get your blood flowing and increase your metabolism. Grab a DynaPro jump rope so you can focus on cardio when you’re not at the gym or in the mood for a long run. Plus, build up your coordination skills and endurance by practicing new tricks and increasing your speed.

  2. Have a Strong Mentality:

    If your mind is on your side, it’s all yours. Take a cue from DynaPro Direct fitness and anti-aging expert, Darnell Cox: “On a good day, when my head is in the right place, I can talk my laziest version of my physical self into hitting the gym hard, and talk my junk food-craving self out of devouring the bag of whatever cookies are in the cupboard. But there are those days, when those are flipped. When my head is not where it needs to be and my body will follow suit.”

  3. Balance Your Muscles:

    Instead of bulking up with free weights, incorporate resistance bands into your workout routine to help stabilize and balance your muscles as you build them. Try experimenting with regular resistance bands, mini precision loop bands, or power resistance bands.

  4. Make Your Workout Routine Fun:

    Katie Austin workout package to stay on track in 2017Follow a fun and effective plan, like the Katie Austin Workout Package, to stay on track and add energy to your routine! Austin is a millennial fitness leader who inspires and teaches thousands on social media to strive for and reach healthy goals. Now, there’s a box that brings our DynaPro products and her inspiration right to your doorstep.

  5. Plan Your Meals:

    Prevent caving in and reaching for the stuff that’s not so good for you by planning your meals. Check out these tips from DynaPro Direct nutrition expert, Danielle Pashko: “Planning your food will save you from making bad choices when your blood sugar gets low and you’re feeling hungry and impatient. Have your fridge or freezer stocked with some lean protein options like organic chicken, tuna, turkey, and eggs. Then you can always easily pair it with some mixed greens or tomato and cucumber salad. This type of meal only takes five minutes – when you have more time, then it’s easier to get more creative with side dishes or salad stuffings!”

Pro grade fitness equipment to stay fit in the new year