Ditch the Baby Weight and Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

Effective ways to lose postpartum baby weight

FitElyse spills her best secrets to toning up after delivery day!

So, it’s been a crazy nine months, and you couldn’t be happier with your brand new baby! Life has forever changed — but so has your belly. Yes, having a child is worth it, but if only you could ditch that baby weight for good, right?

I know, mamas! I’ve been there — twice — and it’s tough. These days, new parents are sleep-deprived and exhausted. It feels like almost every waking minute is spent changing diapers, feeding your newborn, changing more diapers, soothing the baby. Did I mention changing diapers?!

Lose postpartum baby weight with mini bandsThere’s not much time for you to take care of you, but without a healthy YOU, it’s hard to have a truly healthy family. So, whether you’ve just been given the okay to work out after having a baby, or if you’ve been waiting and waiting and now that baby is a year old — the time is now. The good news is you can achieve that pre-baby body and even more right at home! And it starts in the kitchen with clean meals.

I know, I know, you don’t have time. But neither do I, but prepping clean meals in advance is key. Otherwise, when the clock hits noon and Baby is finally napping, you’ll be starving and that junk food will call your name.

The crockpot is my go-to. Each week, I make a large batch of steel-cut oatmeal for a nice morning meal. Lunch is often scrambled eggs and veggies, a hummus and turkey sandwich or leftovers. For dinner, I go back to my trusty crockpot. Chili is a staple around our house: beans, beef or chicken, a little onion, and some seasonings is all it takes to create an easy, filling meal.

Between meals, be sure to keep healthy snacks around. (No, the graham cracker off the floor doesn’t count.) Nibble on fresh fruits and veggies, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, low sugar protein bars and shakes. Eating frequent, small meals will get your metabolism firing like a wood-burning stove.


Best foods to eat after having a babySteelcut Crockpot Oatmeal

(Makes 8 servings)

  • 2 Cups of Steel-Cut Oats
  • 6-7 Cups of Water
  • 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract

Add in 1-2 Cups of frozen berries, 1-2 Cups of sliced apples or 1 can of unsweetened pumpkin


Add all of the ingredients in the crockpot and cook on a low setting for five to six hours. Add more water if needed. In the morning, simply heat and top with a little Greek yogurt and cinnamon!

Green Chicken Chili

(makes several servings)

  • 1 LB Chicken Breast
  • 1 Cup Chicken Broth
  • 1 Small Sweet Onion, Diced
  • 1 Can of Diced Green Chilies
  • 1 Cup of Green Enchilada Sauce
  • 2 Cans of Beans (Pinto, Black, Kidney, Northern, Chili)
  • Salt, Pepper, Chili Powder to Taste

Place the onion in the crockpot and pour in the chicken broth and add the chicken breasts. Cook four to six hours, until the chicken is done. Dice the chicken and add it back into crockpot with all of the other ingredients. Cook on low for one to two additional hours. Try topping with a little cilantro and a squeeze of lime!


While baby naps or does some tummy time, let’s get to work on that tummy of yours. A combo of cardio and resistance training is the best mix.

Here’s a guide to some of my routine:

  • Frequency: 4-5 times a week. (Aim for 3 days of resistance training and 2 days of cardio.)
  • Length: 20-30 minutes a day (A 20-minute stroller jog will do wonders for you both.)
  • Intensity: PUSH it! Work hard, get done fast
  • Gear: 1 DynaPro exercise ball and 3 DynaPro mini bands


  • Warm-Up: Five minutes of jump rope, jumping jacks, high knees, or running up and down stairs
  • Exercise Ball Squats
  • Exercise Ball Crunches
  • Mini Band Outer Thigh Steps
  • Push-Ups With Feet on Exercise Ball
  • Mini Band Back Squeeze
  • Plank With Mini Band Glute Kicks
  • Frequency: Cycle through two to three sets or until the baby needs your attention!

Progress in the kitchen is key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle for you and your newborn. A handful of greens, lean meat and a bit of fiber are the first part of the mix. When you add these muscle burning moves and some cardio, you have a recipe for success!

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Perfect Full Body Workout with Resistance Bands

Best resistance band exercises for full body tone up

At lunch, your co-workers are talking about this fun barre class they went to over the weekend. When you meet up with your friend for coffee, they talk about this awesome new workout guide they started. And your crazy ‘go to the gym 7 days a week’ friend can’t stop talking about all the gains she’s making from lifting weights.

Whew! Everyone is doing something different and you’re probably thinking “What’s going to work best for me?”

Getting healthy and fit can be very overwhelming. The best thing you can do, is try a little bit of everything and pick which one you enjoy the most. Along your journey, what you enjoy will probably change as you discover you want to challenge yourself in new ways.

If you’re just starting your fitness journey or have hit a plateau, a great place to start is with resistance bands. You can increase your strength, mobility, stability, flexibility, and cardiovascular and muscular endurance with them! Doing exercises with resistance bands is a great intro to doing movements in a safe manner before jumping into weights. If you already lift weights, using bands will challenge your muscles differently.

I love circuit training and adding exercises with resistance bands at the end of my lifting sessions to exhaust my muscles to failure and really feel the burn. While any circuit can be done with just your body-weight, I like to add a challenge with some resistance I want to share a full body workout that will leave your limbs feeling like noodles and make you feel like you’re standing in a puddle of sweat.


  • There are 3 circuits of 3 exercises
  • Do 12 – 15 reps of each exercise of Circuit #1 (Repeat 3x)
  • NO REST between each set of that circuit
  • Once you complete Circuit #1, rest for 30 seconds
  • Move on to Circuit #2 and #3 doing the same thing
Exercise #1 Exercise #2 Exercise #3
Circuit #1 Bicep Curl Side Raise Donkey Kick
Circuit #2 Squat Press Triceps Extension Standing Chest Press
Circuit #3 Squat Jump / Row Bent Over Fly Upright Row


Circuit #1

Bicep Curl

Bicep curl with resistance band Bicep curl workout with resistance band

Place band under your feet and hold one handle in each hand. You can either curl one arm at a time, or both together. Your preference!

Side Raise

Side raise with resistance bandSide raise exercise with resistance band

Place band under your feet and hold one handle in each hand. Have a slight bend in your knees and lift each arm outwards to shoulder height (do not go higher)

Donkey Kick

Resistance band donkey kick workoutDonkey kick with resistance band

If you’re kicking with your right foot, hold on to the handle with your left hand. Place your right foot in the other handle and secure. Adjust and hold on to any additional slack with your left hand for the appropriate resistance. Keep left hand (and any slack) secure on the ground and kick with your right foot. SQUEEZE the glutes at the top! Switch and repeat with your other leg.

Circuit #2

Squat Press

Squat press with resistance band Resistance band squat press workout

Place band under your feet, hold one handle in each hand, and hold at shoulder height. Squat down (go low!), then press through your heels to come up. As you come up, do a shoulder press by pushing your hands above your head. The come all the way back down to a squat and repeat.

Triceps Extension

Resistance band overhead tricep extensionStanding triceps with resistance band

Place band under your feet and give a little more slack to the side you’re doing the extension. Keep left hand at your side and raise right hand above and behind your head. Keep right elbow pointing straight up, then extend arm straight up, and squeeze at the top. Switch and repeat with your other arm.

Standing Chest Press

Standing chest press with resistance bandChest press with resistance band

Loop band around a stable point. Grab handle in each hand and place each hand at your sides. Make sure to find a stable stance with your feet. Then push both hands forward – use same motion as if you were laying down on a bench.

Circuit #3

Squat Jump / Row

Squat row with resistance bandResistance band squat jump row

Loop band around a stable point. Grab handle in each hand out in front of you and squat down. As you come up, jump! (yes, a squat jump) As you come up, pull bands back in a rowing motion. This exercise works both your legs and your back (and your coordination!!)

Bent Over Fly

Bent over fly with resistance bandResistance band bent over fly

Place band under your feet, cross bands and hold in each hand (so that it looks like an X) Put a slight bend in your knees and bend over with a straight back. Pull arms out to your sides and squeeze at the top. You will be using your upper back muscles for this movement.

Upright Row

Upright row with resistance bandResistance band upright row workout

Place bands under your feet and hold handles in each hand directly in front of you. Pull handles straight up to your chin, hold, and then release back down. You will be using your shoulders to pull up for this movement.

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Best Ways To Use Your Power Bands During a Workout

Best power band exercises for a full body tone up

When you walk into your gym, you navigate through the endless cardio equipment, all of the machines, dumbbells and other free weights, and maybe in the corner you’ll see some stretchy bands by the yoga mats you’re not quite sure how to use. Even then, there are too many different sizes, shapes, and colors to figure out what to do with these contraptions.

They’re just big rubber bands, right? How hard can it be? Here’s some good news: They really are as simple to use as they look! You can pretty much use power bands for almost any exercise. Here are some of the best ways you can use your power bands during a workout!


Assisted Pull-Up

Assisted pull-up exercise with power bandAssisted pull-ups with power band

Single Arm Lat Pull-Down

Single arm lat pull-down with power bandPower band lat pull-down exercise


Banded Push-Ups

Band push ups to build chest strengthPower band push ups

Single Arm Chest Press

Single arm chest press with bandSingle arm chest press with band



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Source: https://www.dynaprodirect.com/power-band-exercises/

Top Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to your Fitness Routine

Benefits of resistance band training

No matter what fitness level you are at, you can always jump up to the next level with the help of resistance bands. These workout bands can give you the benefits of strength training without the use of free weights and heavy weight machines.

Unlike other popular gym gears, these exercise bands are inexpensive and provide a budget-friendly way to add something new to your workout routine. The adjustable attachment in these exercise bands will give you the ability to create any band length that you desire. Using resistance band is one of the effective methods to increase your bone and core strength. It is a great option for on-the-go workouts.

So, for anyone who is hoping to improve their flexibility and looking for best resistance bands on the market, you can always opt for DynaPro Direct’s pro grade resistance bands. Exercise with these resistance bands will not only boost your workout intensity, tone deep muscles of your core but will also help you reach your fitness goals. These adjustable resistance bands will allow you to perform a wider variety of exercises than a standard length resistance band.

Sounds interesting?

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10 Reasons Why Resistance Bands Will Literally Change Your Life


The benefits of resistance bands will blow your mind. Here’s what you need to know!

It’s the latest fitness trend for a reason — resistance bands will change the way you work out, forever! There are all different kinds of resistance bands, but there are variations of band training that you should consider incorporating into your workout routine — STAT. Start with standard resistance training bands, and mini bands! There are endless perks to using these precision training tools in your workout routine. The best part? They’re super portable, so you can use them at home, on a trip, in the office, or at the gym.

Our DynaPro Direct bands are high quality, since the last thing you want is a band breaking when you’re breaking a sweat. The standard and mini bands come in different levels of resistance, respectively. Even if you’re just starting out, it’s smart to grab a set so you can vary the levels of resistance you’re working with.

Here are the top ten reasons why resistance band junkies will never stop:

  1. You don’t have to learn new skills to use them:

    Resistance bands will do whatever you want them to do! There’s no need to go crazy trying to develop a brand new workout routine to use them. You’ll be able to incorporate the bands into the workout routine you know and feel comfortable with.

  2. You can get fit while you’re at work:

    Resistance bands, specifically mini bands, are the perfect tools to keep in your desk drawer at the office. You can wrap the band around your legs to stretch or work your muscles while you’re sitting at your desk, and you can also get in a quick arm workout that will relieve the tension and stress that’s been building up the entire day.

  3. resistance-bands-at-beach-300x200You can be adventurous with your bands:

    Bring your bands with you to the beach or take them with you on a hike! You can even wrap a band around a tree to stabilize the band as you push and pull. Possibilities are endless, and since they’re so portable, you can really get creative with how and where you use them. It adds a fun twist to toning up, since you wouldn’t necessarily bring heavy weights along with you when you’re working out on-the-go.

  4. You’ll notice results:

    Resistance bands are simple, but the benefits the bands have on the human body are far from mundane. Your muscles will become stronger, more stable, and your range of motion will increase along with your flexibility.

  5. You will feel better in the morning:

    Sometimes, it’s daunting to think about getting in a full body workout at the very beginning of the day. But since resistance bands are smaller in size, you can keep some right in the drawer of your nightstand. In the morning, you can use the bands to get in a quick pump or stretch and get that blood flowing before your day starts. You’ll get addicted to doing that.

  6. workout-anywhere-with-resistance-bandsYou’ll take them everywhere you go:

    Pack the bands in your purse or in your suitcase to get a quick pump in before hitting the beach or an important social event. You’ll appreciate the ten-minute tone-up right at your fingertips.

  7. You’ll ditch your partner:

    Not in a bad way, but you won’t need a workout buddy anymore! There’s no reason to feel unsafe if you don’t have a spotter — like you would if you were lifting — though it’s extra fun and motivating to work out with a partner who shares the same fitness goals.

  8. You’ll save money, lots of it:

    Hello, bank account that isn’t depleting! It’s important to change up your fitness routine in general, but you’ll find that using resistance bands is fun and effective enough to cut back on splurging for pricey classes or heavy lifting equipment. Once you know how to use the simple bands (and master the different techniques!) you’ll be able to cut back on personal training sessions, too.

  9. resistance-bands-workoutYou’ll tell all of your friends about it:

    You’re going to have such a fun time working with the bands and enjoying the results, that you’ll want to blast your success on social media and encourage your friends to try it, too. There’s a huge community on Instagram that uses the bands regularly, so it’s fun to share your techniques and inspire others who love the bands, too.

  10. You’ll punch muscle memory in the face:

    When working out, it’s important to not do the same workout every day, over and over again. You won’t build as much muscle that way! By incorporating resistance bands into some of your favorite moves, you’ll trick your muscles without feeling like you’re doing anything that different. That’s less work, and better results for you!

Source: https://www.dynaprodirect.com/10-resistance-bands-benefits/

Mini Exercise Bands to Keep the Excitement Up for your Workout

Mni exercise bands to increase strength and fitness

DynaPro Direct has launched an attractive and effective range of mini exercise bands. These mini resistance bands help you enjoy exhilarating crossfit workouts or physical therapy without burdening tendons, joints and bones.

Unlike traditional weight machines, these bands offer you the flexibility of moving in all different directions. So now, you can strengthen and stretch your muscles without any restriction.

Resistance loop bands to keep the excitement up for your workout

These durable exercise bands include 4 different color-coded resistance levels: Light (2-4 lbs); Medium (4-6 lbs); Heavy (10-12 lbs); and X-Heavy (15-20 lbs).

Grab the set of 4 professional multicolor resistance loop bands only at $9.99, and add a variety and fun to your workouts.

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Workout Plan: Best Resistance Band Training Practices to Build Muscle

Essential resistance bands exercises for improved mobility

Resistance bands are small, portable pieces of equipment that can be used to strengthen and tone the entire body. One of the best things about resistance band training is the exercise bands are durable and compact, allowing them to be used at home, work or on vacation!

There are so many benefits of using resistance bands, but one that deserves special attention is their ability to increase mobility and strengthen stabilizer muscles.

Stabilizer muscles play a vital role in overall health. These are the smaller muscles that work in unison to provide support for the body, help maintain balance, and prevent excess movement. Stabilizer muscles surround the larger muscles and tendons, allowing them work more efficiently. In many exercise programs, stabilizers are often neglected, but resistance bands can be used to target and help strengthen these key muscles. Weak stabilizer muscles can lead to muscular imbalances, which can decrease a person’s mobility and increase their risk of injury.

Check out the symptoms of common muscle imbalances:

Poor Posture Poor posture is often the direct result of uneven body mass and muscle imbalances. The most common signs of poor posture are rounded shoulders and a head tilted forward.

Tight Calves Sitting over time can cause tight calves, especially for women who sit with high heels planted on the ground. A big culprit of this uncomfortable condition is constant sitting with feet in a relaxed forward position. Symptoms include a sensation of gradual tightening in the claves.

Glutes Imbalance A common gluteal imbalance can be the result of injury or inactivity. There may be no explanation for it at all! Muscle imbalances in the glutes (and hips) can be the cause of issues like sciatica, a tight piriformis, or tight abductors.

Hamstring issues Sitting for extended periods of time can create tight hip flexors, which can cause the pelvis to tilt downward. As a result, the glutes can become weak, increasing the risk of hamstring injuries.

Many people are likely unaware that their health issues are caused by muscle imbalances. That’s why it’s so important to use the best resistance bands to strengthen stabilizer muscles and help eliminate these imbalances.

Here’s how to use resistance bands:

Resistance bands are available for all fitness levels. It’s important to choose the correct resistance band for your level of fitness and desired goals. Here’s a chart highlighting the different resistance bands:

Level Resistance Band Color Resistance Level (lbs.) Fitness Level
Extra Light Yellow 5-10 Rehab
Light Green 15-20 Beginners
Medium Red 20-15 Intermediate
Heavy Blue 25-30 Experienced
Extra Heavy Black 35-50 Advanced

Check out these tips for stabilizing muscles with resistance band exercises:

  • Choose a light resistance band. Good form is more important than using a heavier weight or resistance
  • Keep movements slow and controlled. Slow movements will help to activate the stabilizer muscles and increase mobility
  • Do not overextend. Your range of motion may be limited due to decreased mobility. Do not attempt to fully extend if it’s uncomfortable
  • Focus on your reps or time. These exercises can be performed by doing specific repetitions (10-20) or for a specified period of time (60 seconds)

Here are the top exercises for correcting muscle imbalances and increasing mobility per body part:

Shoulders and Upper Back

These workout band exercises are designed to increase mobility in the shoulders and back. They can also improve strength in the rotator cuff and the surrounding stabilizer muscles.

1. Hand External Rotation

    • Attach one end of the resistance band to a stationary object
    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
    • Place a towel between your elbow and right side
    • Hold the resistance band with your right hand as your arm crosses your body
    • Keeping your elbow tucked to your side, slowly pivot your arm to the right
    • Slowly return to the starting position
    • Repeat!
    • Perform the identical movement on the left side, holding the handle in your left hand

Notes: Your range of motion may be limited. Do not attempt to push past a comfortable point or if there is pain.

2. Lawnmower Pull

  • Hold one end of the exercise band in your right hand, while you step on the other end with your left foot
  • Take one step back and place your left hand on your left knee and extend your right hand (holding the resistance band) towards the floor
  • Exhale and pull the resistance band towards the right side of your body
  • Inhale and and extend towards the floor
  • Repeat!
  • Perform the identical movement on the left side, holding the handle in your left hand

Notes: Make sure you keep your back straight and pull your arm close to your body. Keep movement slow and controlled to activate the stabilizer muscles.

3. Resistance Band Pull-Aparts

Resistance band pull-apart exercise technique

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Extend your arms and hold the resistance band in front of you
  • Exhale and extend your arms outwards
  • Inhale and return to the starting position
  • Repeat!

Notes: Do not bend arms. Use your shoulders only to move the resistance bands. Keep movement slow and controlled at all times.

Core and Lower Back

A strong core and lower back go hand-in-hand, with many lower back exercises activating the core. These exercises are designed to strengthen the stabilizer muscles that are neglected in other commonly performed exercises.

1. Resisted Bridge

  • Lie your back with your knees bent and feet shoulder width apart
  • Place the resistance band across your hips
  • Hold the ends of your workout band in both hands
  • Exhale and raise your hips off the ground towards ceiling
  • Inhale and lower your hips back down towards the ground
  • Repeat!

Notes: Keep shoulders planted on the ground and focus on lifting and lowering your hips evenly throughout exercise.

2. Single Leg Lateral Raises

  • Place the resistance band under your feet
  • Hold the resistance band handles at your sides
  • Raise your left leg slightly behind you
  • Exhale and slowly raise your arms to shoulder level
  • Inhale and lower your leg and arms
  • Repeat!
  • Perform the same movement standing on your left leg

Notes:Standing on one leg forces the stabilizer muscles to maintain balance and simultaneously helps to strengthen the core. Find a point of concentration to look at as you perform the movement.

3. Bird Dog Motion

  • Begin on all fours
  • Hold one end of the resistance band in your right hand
  • Affix other end of the exercise band to your left foot
  • Exhale and raise your right hand and left foot simultaneously
  • Inhale as you lower your hand and foot
  • Repeat!
  • Perform the movement holding the resistance band in your left hand and affixed to your right foot

Notes: This movement can be performed as either reps, or held for 30-60 seconds at a time.

Hips, Glutes, and Legs

Weak hip and glutes can cause a variety of problems. Here are resistance band exercises designed to strengthen these often neglected stabilizer muscles.

1. Standing Lateral Leg Raise

  • Stand on the resistance band
  • Hold the handles in front of you
  • Exhale and extend your left leg away from your body
  • Inhale and lower your leg back to the starting position
  • Repeat!
  • Perform the same movement with your right leg

Notes: Keep legs straight throughout entire exercise and extend leg to a comfortable distance without strain.

2. Hip Flexion Exercise

    • Affix one end of the resistance band to a stable object close to ground
    • Wrap the other end around your left ankle
    • Begin with your left foot slightly behind right foot
    • With hands on your hips for balance, exhale and slowly bring left foot forward as if you’re taking a step
    • Exhale, and return to the starting position
    • Repeat!
    • Perform identical movement with the band wrapped around your right ankle

Notes: To maintain balance, keep both hands on hips, look straight ahead and perform movement slowly.

Resistance bands are an excellent way to target stabilizer muscles that have been weakened from lack of use or physical strain. By targeting these muscles, you can reap so many benefits, including better posture, increased core strength, and a decreased risk of injury.

Source: https://www.dynaprodirect.com/mobility-band-exercises/