Door Anchor

Door anchorTraining with door anchors refers to any fitness equipment that allows one to anchor it to a stable support and push and pull that tool. DynaPro® offers extra large door anchors to fit D-handle resistance bands, made up of high quality material and designed for a simple installation for effective workouts.

Our heavy duty quality door anchor provides an anchor point for the resistance bands by simply attaching to any solid door, provides 100% sturdy support that won’t damage the door. This is an ideal accessory for any fitness enthusiast looking to get his/her training on the go. One can use it with his existing resistance band set as well.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a low quality, small-sized door anchor that will discourage you from achieving your goals. Find the best affordable extra large door anchor at DynaPro® and hit all your major muscles.

Product Features:

  • Simple yet effective, door anchors help achieve goals when the gym is hard to get to.
  • Expands the variety of exercises one will be able to perform with resistance bands.
  • Reduce workout injuries and are accepted for a number of reasons including portability, affordability and effectiveness.

Extra Large Door Anchor for Resistance Bands!

Door anchor